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Skin Mapping–What Your Skin Can Tell You About Your Health

Did you know that there are 7 key areas on the face that can determine the health of your body?

DEFINITION: SKIN MAPPING - An ancient Method of Determining Your Internal Health From the Outward Condition of Your Skin!

As with so many areas in medicine, what is old, is new again. The same holds true for skin-mapping. An old Ayurvedic practice that can determine how well you are, or aren't, on the inside by how your skin looks.

Skin-Mapping looks at 7 different skin "zones". They are:

Zone 1: The Eyes

Not only are your eyes the windows to your soul, but they're also the windows to your health. In skin-mapping, eyes can be particularly telling to the condition of your joints, intestines, thyroid gland and kidneys.

Clouded and puffy eyes can indicate poor nutrient absorption in your colon or small intestine. Yellowing means a weak or fatigued liver; and, swollen eye bags can mean lowered kidney function. Overall, the eyes tell a big story, so be sure to check them for any of these signs daily.

Zone 2: The Nose

The nose has a very special job - it tells you all about your bloodstream and heart. So when blemishes, and pimples arise on the nose, your internal system is inflamed. This is due to the connected nature of your nasal passage and your circulatory system.

Any red coloration or excessive heat (inflammation) in the nasal area can easily be tied to issues in blood circulation. The coloring of your nose can vary when blood is not being properly advanced to the heart and throughout the body, so many skin-mappers use the nose as a staring point when assessing health.

3: The Tongue

The many sensors on the tongue can be indicators of clotting, internal toxin buildup, and lung issues. This is due to the accumulation overtime of phlegm and other unwanted substances that the body is trying to dispel orally. The residue of these bodily fluids can cause a change in breath, orchestrated mainly by your tongue.

Another clear indication can be found in the form of white residue, which can point to a buildup of toxins in the liver, lungs, and intestinal passageways. This could mean that a good detox is needed in order to rid your body of harmful pathogens. A drink of cranberry juice or lime water daily, can help.

4: Between the Eyebrows

Yes, this very specific facial region holds quite a bit of importance. In skin-mapping, the area between your eyebrows is a clear gauge for problems surrounding the liver. The liver’s job is to remove toxins after you eat and drink so that they can be dispelled in waste.

When this process is impeded, the space between your eyebrows becomes  reddened and itchy. Thus, the eyebrow area may begin to break out while the rest of the face stays clear. This can also bring about unwanted headaches, and in worse cases, head-pounding migraines.

5: Cheeks and Cheekbones

This area shows the internal state of your lungs and kidneys. More focused on the lungs-pollution such as, cigarette smoke, smog, and other inhaled toxins can cause damage to this part of the skin. Stress is also another factor that can cause damage to this area. Again, it will show up as red, inflamed skin, and get worse as the problem progresses.

Getting a good amount of leafy greens each day can help to protect and promote healthy functioning of your lungs and kidneys.

6: The Chin

The chin, in skin-mapping, represents the stomach. Eating the wrong things (junk food, processed, non-organic, gmo etc) can cause this area to break out. 

If you have flare ups on your chin, such as large moles, pimples and cysts, this can be an indication of stomach pH issues. Many skin-mapping experts would suggest consulting a holistic health coach or functional medicine doctor for further consultation. However, eating an organic healthy diet, and drinking lots of spring or filtered water would be a great start!

7: The Lips

Your lips can tell you a lot about your body. If your lips are chapped and stay chapped no matter how much moisture you apply to them, you may not be drinking enough water. Pale lips can indicate anemia and other blood conditions. And purple and blueish colors are a sure indicator of failing or corrupted oxygen levels.

Obviously, skin mapping is not an exact science. But it is a great starting point for an at home assessment of your health.

If things start appearing on you face, that weren't there before, and aren't a reaction to something new you've eaten, or put on your skin, and last for more than a week or two, that's a pretty good indication that something is probably going on inside. It might warrant a visit to a functional health practitioner.

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