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Feeling Down

Feeling Down? Blame Your Gut!

Our gut has been proven to be our body’s literal “second brain”. For years the medical world has been trying to figure out why our moods change, and what causes common problems that most of us face like stress, anxiety, and even depression.

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Give Your Adrenals A Break – Get Some Sleep

The “fight or flight” syndrome – you’ve heard of it, right?

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Feel Joy

Joy Is A 9 Letter Word

Did you know that studies have shown that this one thing can make you 25% happier? It boosts your immunity to anger, disappointment and frustration.

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Flat Belly

3 “Get A Flat Belly” Tips

A lot of the time we feel “big” in the middle, not always because of fat, but because of what’s going on in our stomach. Keeping our digestive system happy, especially avoiding bloat, can go a long way in helping us look and feel slimmer.

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