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Feel Joy

Joy Is A 9 Letter Word

Did you know that studies have shown that this one thing can make you 25% happier?

It boosts your immunity to anger, disappointment and frustration.

It’s even been shown to heal pain and illness in your body.

It can certainly heal relationships, especially with yourself.

practice gratitude

That one thing is – GRATITUDE – and amazing things happen when you integrate it into a daily meditative practice.


1. As you sit down to meditate, breathe in deeply and imagine your heart filling up with glowing green light. Allow this energy to pulse and radiate to light you from within. As you deepen into the glowing, green energy in the center of your chest, begin to give thanks for your life. Give thanks for anything that pops into your head. No filter, just give thanks for it, show it appreciation.

2. Think about five things to be grateful for on this day. See these events as pictures. It may be the way your dog greats you or that nice person that let you have the parking space in the crowded lot. It could even be seeing the birds fly to their nests as darkness comes. Just let the images flow in and notice the feelings they give. If an unwanted image pops in, let it pass like a random car on the road. If it is important, you can think on it later.

3. Now see the people behind the images you are grateful for 
and express thanks to each of them.

4. Remind yourself that whatever you focus on, expands. When you focus on gratitude and positivity, you will get more of that in return.

What you appreciate, appreciates.

Be mindful that you will attract more abundance, love and health by being grateful for your current state in these areas. Your body, your health and your relationships can only be improved by honoring where they are in this moment.

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