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How To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas Naturally

Remember how good your house smelled at Christmas when you were a kid?

The tree smelled so awesome! *You know back when trees actually smelled like trees!*

Cookies baking in the oven. *heavenly*

The smells of cinnamon, ginger, pine, and turkey roasting always brings back so many memories for me.

How about you?

There's just something about those smells that make me feel all snug and cozy.

However, the trees don't smell like trees anymore, and I don't bake much for Christmas, it's just not the same as it used to be.

But, I'd sure like to re-create those smells to bring back the memories and that cozy feeling without the harmful toxins that most candles, room sprays or plug-ins emit.

Thankfully, there are some awesome natural alternatives.

Check them out!

air fresheners

You can't get much easier than making your own DIY  Christmas air fresheners.

You need:

  • Glass spray bottles. You can find them here.
  • Distilled water.
  • Epsom salts. You can get them here.

Put 1.5 teaspoon of Epsom Salts in your glass bottle, add the essential oils (from ideas below), and add distilled water to fill bottle. Leaving enough room for the sprayer.

*for a longer lasting scent, add 2 tablespoons of 100% proof alcohol in place of that much water.

Shake, and spray! Oh my god they smell soooo good!


1. 6 drops of Peppermint essential oil, 5 drops of Wintergreen EO, 5 drops of Orange EO, and 4 drops of Cinnamon EO.

2. 5 drops of Ginger essential oil, 6 drops of Cinnamon EO, and 7 drops of Orange EO.

3. 7 drops of Cedarwood essential oil, 8 drops of Douglas Fir EO, and 6 drops of Juniper Berry EO.

4. 5 drops of Peppermint essential oil, and 2-3 drops of Ylang Ylang EO.

* these are great smelling scents just the way they are, but if you like something a little more fruity, try adding a little bit of grapefruit or sweet orange to your blends. Same for every kind of scent. Experiment if you want. You never know what you might come up with!

diffuser blends

The recipes above are also good for diffusing.

Using a machine like this one makes it super easy.

Here are a few diffuser blends to try:

1. 2 drops of Frankincense essential oil, 3 drops of Peppermint EO, and 2 drops of Orange EO (wild or sweet).

2. 3 drops of Tangerine essential oil, and 3 drops of White Fir EO.

3. 5 drops of Orange essential oil, 2-3 drops of Ginger EO, 3 drops of Cinnamon EO, and 1 drop of Nutmeg EO (optional).

4. 6 drops of Frankincense essential oil, 3 drops of Peppermint EO, and 1 drop of Lavender EO

5. 5 drops of Cinnamon essential oil, 5 drops of Sweet Orange EO, 3 drops of Vanilla EO, and 2 drops of Nutmeg EO (optional).

stove top potpourri

These are another super easy to make idea that smell heavenly. 

You can heat them on the stove, or if you have a wood stove, heat them on top in an iron or stainless steel pot.

Try this one from: Half Baked Harvest. I've tried one similar to this and it smelled so good, just like Christmas.

This one from DeliaCreates is great to give as a gift and comes with a free printable label. So cute! And I'm sure, smells awesome.

Give this one from Mother Thyme a try. I bet you'll use it again and again!

Here are some other super cool ideas to keep you, your car, your house and everything in it smelling just like Christmas:

1. You'll want to keep that holiday smell with you when you're out buying gifts.

But how do you do that without sacrificing your health with those awful car fresheners?

You use these awesome little stainless steel essential oil diffusers that clip right on to your heating vents. So cool! Well hot actually! They have felt pads that hold whatever oil you're in the mood for that day.

Plus, they have the added feature of keeping you calm during a time that can be stressful. Traffic jam anyone?

2. And for keeping the scent with you when you're in the mall buying those presents, you can wear one of these pretty stainless steel diffuser pendants that work the same as the car diffusers.

They are so pretty and come with two types of chains.

And as a bonus, you don't have to worry about wearing any perfume. You'll smell awesome without the nasty toxins of normal fragrances.

*To get a good base of essential oils to test out - You can't go wrong with these Certified Organic Essential Oils. Please don't buy any oils that aren't organic!

3. Here's a different kind of air freshener from View From The Fridge that can be decorated to match your Christmas decor.

4. Make some dry potpourri, like this great example from Julie Blanner. You could even make some extra for gifts.


5. How about some scented pinecones to add to your holiday decoration? These from Kleinworth Co. are super easy to make, and smell like a dream!

Pretty neat stuff eh?

Give them a try. I think you'll be surprised at how awesome they smell. Not like the crap that Glade and Febreeze try to pass off as scent, but are really just a concoction of extremely harmful chemicals that should never be inhaled!

P.S. Here are two I forgot to put on the list.

  1. Put a few drop of you favorite essential oil on the cardboard tube of your toilet paper. So every time the roll gets...rolled, the scent will be released.
  2. Put 5-10 drops on your furnace air filter, or any air filtration system filter you have. The smell will permeate through your entire house!

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