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Skin Mapping–What Your Skin Can Tell You About Your Health

Did you know that there are 7 key areas on the face that can determine the health of your body? DEFINITION: SKIN MAPPING – An ancient Method of Determining Your Internal Health From the Outward Condition of Your Skin! As with so many areas in medicine, what is old, is new again. The same holds […]

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Better Than Botox At A Fraction Of The Price

Are you, like so many others, on the never ending quest for the elusive “fountain of youth”?Some women, and men, think that they’ve found it in toxic substances like Botox and Restylane.But what if there really were a “fountain of youth” that could truly fight the effects of aging?Even better, what if you could make it […]

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Skin 101

Why Your Skin Doesn’t Look So Hot

Skin issues are definitely not just skin-deep.Our skin is our largest organ, and it reflects what’s going on inside us. The best way to relieve skin problems is to fix the root cause so that they will be taken care of once and for all.

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Beautiful Food

5 Foods That Can Help Make You More Beautiful

All fresh fruits and vegetables contain magical powers when it comes to shiny hair, clear skin and strong nails. However, the ones below are perhaps not as well known for their powerful beauty benefits. Try to include these foods into your diet if you want to look your best without the need for botox or other […]

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