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anti-aging smoothie

The Ultimate Guide To Making Anti-Aging Smoothies

Stop getting hung up on expensive creams and injections as being your only hope to turn back the clock!It’s B.S.Those so-called miracles are anything but, and actually contribute to you aging before your time!They aren’t regulated by any government body (not that that would help a whole lot), but it means that companies can basically […]

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anti-aging fruits and vegetables

The Best Anti-Aging Fruits And Vegetables

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you:  You want desperately to turn back the clock. You’re starting to get deepish wrinkles, your skin’s not as firm and elastic as it once was. Things just aren’t looking how you want them to.So you decide something has to be done! And quick!So you head to the […]

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Skin Mapping–What Your Skin Can Tell You About Your Health

Did you know that there are 7 key areas on the face that can determine the health of your body? DEFINITION: SKIN MAPPING – An ancient Method of Determining Your Internal Health From the Outward Condition of Your Skin! As with so many areas in medicine, what is old, is new again. The same holds […]

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are you eating healthy

So You’re Eating A Healthy Diet?…You Sure About That?

So you wake up daily feeling good about how well you’ve been eating.You don’t eat junk food, only eat whole grains, skim milk, and lots of fruits and vegetables.You’re doing really well.Or are you…?Although you’re eating “better” than most of the population, I think you’ll be quite surprised at how your so called “healthy” diet-is […]

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