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Are You Eating These Superfoods? No! Well You Should Be!

They say variety is the spice of life. But are you getting enough variety in your diet?

Most people don’t.

In fact, a lot of people are so programmed into eating what their parents ate, or what their closest friends eat that they don’t even consider trying something new.


* Açaí
* Bok Choy
* Lentils
* Buckwheat
* Nuts and Seeds
* Sprouts
* Blueberries
* Broccoli
* Oats
* Oranges
* Pumpkin
* Salmon
* Soy
* Spinach
* Tea (green or black, but especially green)
* Tomatoes
* Yogurt

incorporate superfoods in diet


As you’ll notice from looking at the above list, superfoods are primarily fruits and vegetables. They don’t have to be exotic, super expensive, hard to find and pronounce. Adding superfoods to your daily diet can be much easier when you take these steps:


Create a menu plan for the upcoming week. Include recipes that contain the superfoods of your choice or new ones you want to try. Shop from a grocery list. Try to add a fruit or vegetable to each meal. Try to include one meal each week that contains fish or is vegetarian. A vegetarian meal may not make your meat eaters happy, but you can start by being the one to set the example and skip the meat.


Snack on seeds, berries, and nuts. Seeds, nuts and berries make a delicious snack. You can also add them to yogurt or steel cut oats for a superfood breakfast. These items appear to be high in calories and fat if you read the labels. However, the fats are healthy essential fats. Calorie consumption should be relatively low since a serving size is pretty small. If you’re eating properly and getting the nutrients you need, your hunger should subside and you’ll start feeling fuller with smaller portions.


Switch to whole grains. Change your white bread, white rice and instant oatmeal or grits to whole grains. Enjoy steel cut oats, quinoa, and buckwheat instead. Eat whole grain breads and cereals. If you’re trying a low carb or a paleo eating plan, you will most likely cut out grains completely. But, if you’re just trying to eat a better diet and wish to keep grains, choose those that aren’t already processed into powder-like substances.

Give these steps a try for a few weeks and see how much better, and more energetic you feel!

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