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Hi there! Welcome to Holistic Juiciness!

I never know what to say, or even how to say it, on these type of pages, but I guess I’ll start by telling you a little about myself.

11 years ago I was a personal trainer, and skating coach in very good shape (at least I thought so). I ate well, exercised religiously, was reasonably happy, basically I was living my life as best as I knew how (which is all any one can really ask for). That is, until I woke up in the intensive care after being in a car crash, that I don’t remember to this day (probably for the better).

My first memory was of having my lungs suctioned out, I was intubated at the time, and thinking that it felt neat! As you can imagine the amount of drugs I was on was epic.

When I was more lucid, and breathing, but not eating on my own, I was told what my injuries were:

  • both femurs were broken, one sticking through the skin. So I now have rods in both of my legs, one through the bone with a pin in my hip, and the other along side the bone, attached above and below the break
  • chipped pelvis (minor)
  • hair line fracture of a vertebrae in my neck
  • several broken meta-carpals, one of which required a rod
  • de-gloved the skin from my left hand
  • peroneal nerve injury to my right foot, (drop foot), where your foot is paralyzed until the nerve recovers (it just hangs there)
  • several broken toes and a few other minor injuries

I had also almost died 3 separate times, once before getting to the hospital from severe blood loss, and twice on the operating table due to  2 different types of embolisms. And as bad as that sounds it was the very least of my worries.

Because of the nature of the crash, high speed, black ice, stupidity, I was spinning at a high speed when I hit a telephone pole. This caused a nerve root avulsion of my left brachial plexus. Basically the major nerve that controls my left arm and hand was ripped out of my spinal cord, leaving them completely paralyzed. Shock, horror, denial! And then…pain!!! Pain like unless you went through you could not possibly imagine.

It’s called “phantom limb pain”, used to describe the pain most commonly associated with people who lose a limb, but which happens all the same in paralysis patients. Your brain is trying to send signals to the affected area, and when there is no response, it basically freaks out, causing horrendous pain. Imagine if you can, the most intense pressure, like having your limb slowly crushed in a car compacter, then submerged in a deep fat fryer turned to its max temp. And that’s not all, periodically you experience extended periods of the most intense electrical pulses, like being zapped intermittently with a cattle prod powered  by your local power station.

Needless to say over the past 11 years I’ve been on a serious cocktail of drugs. It started with Gabapentin, Hydromorph-Contin (yes oxy-contin and morphine long acting), Hydromorphone (quick acting morphine) and man is that stuff ever good on an empty stomach, but as with all drugs you build up a tolerance. I would take enough Hydromorphone some days to literally kill a couple of elephants (152 mg all at one time, where the average person would take 2-4 mg). All that and my pain wasn’t even well managed! This went on for 5 years. I was a zombie, not functional at all, so finally they tried me on my god send – Methadone. I started at 30mg, then 60mg, then 60mg twice a day, ah heaven, or as close as I was going to get. Plus I was no longer the walking dead. I could function again.

Then being forgetful, as I was wont to be at the time, I started missing my evening dose and realized that the pain was still under control (“under control” does not, nor most likely will not, ever mean pain free, but manageable). So I completely cut out the evening dose and started taking just the morning 60mg. After a few years I decided to try a smaller amount, 50mg, still ok, and then 40mg, not bad, until we get to today, 35mg once a day, a bit of pain but still manageable. My goal is to go off of it completely as soon as possible, if possible.

But until then I’m doing everything I can to be healthy, and detox my system. I’ve gone completely organic, drink tons of filtered water, exercise, eat lots of superfoods, I eat mainly raw food, very little cooked, and have no intention of ever going back to the way I was.

This blog is my testament to a new healthy lifestyle. If I can do it, absolutely anyone can!

I hope you learn lots from these pages, and that you too (if not already) create a healthier life for yourself!!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] or use the contact page, and I’ll get back to you asap.

All the best,