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smells like christmas

How To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas Naturally

Remember how good your house smelled at Christmas when you were a kid?The tree smelled so awesome! *You know back when trees actually smelled like trees!*Cookies baking in the oven. *heavenly*The smells of cinnamon, ginger, pine, and turkey roasting always brings back so many memories for me.How about you?There’s just something about those smells that […]

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healthy gifts guide

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Wellness Warriors

Do you want to get your favorite wellness warrior a gift they’ll really appreciate?I’ve curated a list of items that I either – already have – or would love to receive.Check it out, and see what’s there for the health “nut” on your list!  SaveNatural Himalayan Salt Lamp: These awesome lamps can help clean nasties […]

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anti-aging smoothie

The Ultimate Guide To Making Anti-Aging Smoothies

Stop getting hung up on expensive creams and injections as being your only hope to turn back the clock!It’s B.S.Those so-called miracles are anything but, and actually contribute to you aging before your time!They aren’t regulated by any government body (not that that would help a whole lot), but it means that companies can basically […]

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anti-aging fruits and vegetables

The Best Anti-Aging Fruits And Vegetables

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you:  You want desperately to turn back the clock. You’re starting to get deepish wrinkles, your skin’s not as firm and elastic as it once was. Things just aren’t looking how you want them to.So you decide something has to be done! And quick!So you head to the […]

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